Custom Software


Custom Software & Web Based Applications

Upgrade your manual processes to digital to increase efficiency, reporting and accuracy. Many tasks which are done by pen and paper can be computerised allowing you to easily search its history, generate enlightening reports, create multiple backups and print when necessary.

Benefits To You:

  • Accountability: Log all events ensuring you know who did what and when
  • Reporting: Track trends and review important metrics to make accurate decisions going forward
  • Availability & Accessibility: Securely access your information from anywhere and backup easily
  • Search & Retrieve: Find that action that occured 6 months ago in only a few seconds

Examples Of Automated Tasks:

  • Employee Leave Management,  Payroll Management
  • Event Registration, Job Applications & Form Submissions
  • Inventory & Asset Tracking
  • Quotations
  • Record Keeping

Our processes are thorough ensuring you get what you want the first time with the ability to add new features and upgrade easily in the future.  Contact us today to find out how we can make your life easier by computerising manual tasks.