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Social Media Design, Development & Integration

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest… these days everyone is buzzing, sharing and interacting at an amazing rate. Let’s get them talking about you!

Facebook, Twitter & Social Media

Marketing via a social network is now more popular than ever – in fact, some people who wouldn’t dream of running their own website now have hundreds of fans subscribing to information about their services and products, sharing this information with their friends and re-posting it all over the internet. ¬†With customised pages, you can accurately represent your company within the social network and stand apart from your competitors.

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Customised Facebook Applications

Do you have a contest, giveaway, competition or events you want action on Facebook’s powerful marketing stage? We develop applications on the Facebook platform to take advantage of the available social connections and sharing features to promote your services, brands and products to any demographic you desire.

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Integrate with your website:

Display entire photo albums & videos from Facebook directly on your website. Your website can integrate with Facebook & Twitter so your customers get the latest updates and service announcements, no matter where they are.