Website & Email Hosting

Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Domain Name Registration

We offer Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Website Name Registration for all websites we develop.  Contact us to find out how you can get an email ending with

What is hosting?

After we design your professional website with all the bells and whistles, we’ll need to put it on a server computer so that others can access it.

Our servers support PHP and ASP.NET, email services and respond quickly to requests, ensuring your website comes up with the snap of a finger.

What is Domain (Website) Name Registration?

To access your website on the internet, your customers will type your website’s address or its “Domain Name” into a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. E.g.

The name has to be registered and renewed annually. It points to your files on the server so that customers can access your website and contact you about your products and services.

You can choose any name ending in .com, .net, .org or .info as long as it is available. For Barbados based websites, you can also choose a domain name ending in .bb, but these generally cost a bit more.

What is Email Hosting?

For emails to work, you need to have a server (computer) that receives it on your behalf until you are able download or access them.  Similar to your mailbox outside your house, the emails are stored until you retrieve them.  Mailboxes come in different sizes and the more space you have, the more emails you can store without having to delete them after you read or download them.

You may be familiar with emails ending with,, etc which are great for personal use, but for your business, considering having an email ending with which is more professional.